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Erica from Erica's Aesthetics, relocated to the sunny skies and blue beaches of WA after selling her salon back in October 2017. However due to high demand, she continues to regularly fly back. She visits Canberra approximately every 6 to 8 weeks for a few days at a time, usually from Saturday to Wednesday.


At Erica's Cosmetic tattoo in Kingston, Canberra, all Cosmetic Tattoo treatments are carried out by Erica herself. She is a registered member of the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo Association. Trained in the distinguished Golden Eye cosmetic tattooing technique in Finland, Erica specialises in creating cosmetic tattoos for the brows, lips and eyes that are natural-looking and specifically suit and compliment your individual features. 

This internationally recognised method uses very fine and exact drawing techniques providing exceptionally natural results. As an example, eyebrows are created by drawing each hair individually (feathering technique) instead of creating two solids; the result is subtle and natural, even with no make-up applied.

Erica is exceptionally talented in working with more challenging cosmetic tattoos - such as neutralising pigmented lips, colour correcting brows that have turned pink, purple of ashy over time or after laser tattoo removal. She can also tackle 'tough' skin that other artists may have struggled to retain the ink in.

For all bookings & enquires please contact

Erica directly.

0478 144 819

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Laser X specialise in only one thing, Tattoo Removal. No One can Remove more Colours, NO-ONE. Laser X use the most advanced Q switched lasers currently available in Australia and offer the most affordable treatments. By using MULTIPLE Q switched lasers we can remove the most difficult colours safely and successfully including GREEN, BLUE, RED, BROWN, AQUA, PURPLE, ORANGE, BLACK and more.

Anyone with only one laser will never be able to remove all these colours no matter what they may tell you or how many treatments you get. If you have been thinking about getting your tattoo removed chances are you already feel some “Tattoo Regret” Lasers can be very dangerous in the wrong hands and you don’t want “Removal Regret” why not get expert advice before you commit.










For all bookings & enquires please contact

Laser X directly. 

0407 335 567


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